Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Very Stylish McCall's M6497

It is really necessary to make this your own or just follow the pattern do what you want. What you like and Have fun with it. Sewing should be a stress Reliever not a Stress Maker

The dress would be a good project for all you finatical material gathers you know who you are the ones that have hundres of fat quarters stored away, I inlcude myself in that statement

I lengthened the skirt part of this top that attaches to the bodice 3 inches. You may need to lengthen more or shorten depending on your child’s measurements. Don't forget about adding in the ruffle. for example if you need this to come down 18 inches from the bodice and you have a 2 inch ruffle then you need the skirt of the top to be 16 inches, don’t forget about seam allowances, at the bottom you will need to add 1 inch making it 17 inches because you will attach the ruffle to the bottom skirting wrong sides together and that is about a ½  inch seam then you turn it down and top stitch which will take about another ½  inch off the length. That 2 inch ruffle needs to be 2 ½ inches because ½ inch will be caught up with the seam as well

One piece of advice when working with ruffles hem top and bottom of ruffle before you start ruffling them it will save time.

Hint: You don't have to hem the top of the ruffle because it is in the inside then turned up and top stitched but I do or at least serge it- the hem line gives me a great line to guide into my ruffle foot I know if I follow that line my ruffles will be straight, It cuts out the wide and narrows that some people get when using a ruffle foot or hand ruffling, Perfect every time.

When you decide to shorten the pants don’t forget about the ruffles (Gosh can’t stress this enough) or you could end up with your pants longer than you want.

I also had to take an inch of the top because my granddaughter has a shorter rise. (the Length between belly button and crotch) even using 1 inch elastic. The pattern calls for ¾ ths but 1inch always works better and doesn't roll as much.

Measure from the crotch to where you want the pants to come then fold the pant pattern up how many inches you need that to be.

Anyway I needed my granddaughters Capri’s to be 13 inches from crotch to where I wanted them to fall just below the knee that means 10 inches of the main fabric from the crotch then 3 inches for the ruffle so that is 10 ½ inches from crotch. ½ inch is seam allowance. Then the 3 ½ inch ruffle (½ inch is seam allowance).  You don’t count the top ruffle in your calculations because it is sewn onto the 3 ½ inch ruffle

Now this pattern has a different way of putting on ruffles but I made one 3 ½ inch strip and one 2 inch strip. I rolled hemmed each ruffle but if you can’t roll hem ¼ inch hem will do when that is done place the 2 inch strip on top of the 3 ½ inch strip and serge them together or sew one on top of the other. Ruffle them and attach the ruffle to the pant wrong sides together then turn down and top stitch that is the easiest way for me. It is a fast and easy way for a two ruffle or even a three because you can sew them one on top of the other and ruffle together at the same time instead of separately.

HINT: after I run my elastic through the pant and close it up, I spread the fabric covering the elastic waist evenly around then I stitch a straight stitch on all seams for security, I have had very good results doing this, the fabric doesn't tend to bunch up in a certain place after washing and me working it around again and it keeps the elastic from twisting inside.

OK now my quirk about patterns is, don’t cut the pattern itself unless you have to.  This is very easy to do if you have blank news print, tracing or packaging paper, you never want to cut your patterns, you may need the pattern again or part of it, I personally like tracing paper and a wheel also my copy and printer combo. I can copy the pattern in pieces and tape the pieces together like an adobe print pattern

This is pretty easy especially if your adding anything from another pattern you can lay it all out in front of you and tweek it to perfection.  For example a bell sleeve  might just look pretty good on this


YOU ALSO CAN'T SELL THE REPRODUCTIONS. YOU CAN HOWEVER SELL THE ORIGINAL PATTERN YOU BOUGHT.  You can most certainly sell the outfit you made, I do all the time for pageants, or just because someone likes what my Granddaughter is wearing

Keep away from all appearance of wrong doing so don't infringe on the copywrite
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